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Video installation

Single channel, 2:28

‘Not here, there nor’ submerges the question of binaries in visual interplays where human and non-human fluids morph into ‘otherness’.

Not here, there nor

While fingers tap and gender values collapse,
the touch of the screen
cools the warmth from the skin.
he’s softly feminine and she’s a solid man,
both turn to liquefy in rhyming hashtags and
drawing memes, writing voicemails also
reading images. one device for each bod.
continuously submerged in
virtualternative routes for
talking, moving, touching.
exploring flip-side ways for
feeling, seeing, thinking.
the only constant is the sliding change.
the scattered pieces from post-reason
left amorphous rubbles of infra-feelings.
something finding its form,
choosing the words,
boosting each sense.
another it, me and they,
neither here nor there,
but lingering

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