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Mycelial Relations
Trailer, 3"11
The Bovista Mushroom Club is occupied with investigating and creating pathways to go through the process of (de)growing collectively, creating symbiose between different struggles and exchanging resources to keep artistic processes evolving. 

One key aspect of how mushrooms grow and reproduce, is the constant exchange of nutrients and information in a decentralized network, which enables them to merge with other life forms and connect the realms between life and decay.

The mycelium from mushrooms creates an analogy of the form that relations can take, where the base is communal and its fluxus is flexible to confront the necessities of the context. Being one of the oldest life forms lurking from the sublevels of the ground, we thought that learning from mushrooms could informus on sustainable ways to relate, grow, de-grow and keep creating. Amidst all, to keep sharing nutrients and exchanging necessities, as a way to keep each other on the ground.


The final film installation (29 mins, mixed media) was presented in Kunsthalle Baden Baden, within the frame of the exhibition Conditions of a Necessity curated by Patricia Reed and Egemen Demirci. 

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